An Inner Odyssey at the Heart of the Pacific

The Community

Supported by a thriving spiritual community

During the course of your stay in Hawaii you will be hosted by Polestar Gardens. Polestar is a small spiritual community on the Big Island of Hawaii that offers year-round, hands-on experience in cooperative spiritual living based on the universal Polestar Main Houseteachings of Yoga.

Check out Polestar’s Website for more information.

As an educational nonprofit, Polestar offers opportunities for personal growth, work-study programs as well as vacations and retreats such as ART RETREAT HAWAII.  The community draws its inspiration primarily from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Indian sage and author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, but welcomes all paths and faiths.

Community is about connection.

Polestar Family Campout

Reconnect with yourself, and with others like you. “Environment” Yogananda often said, “Is stronger than will power”.

The environment we choose to live in is perhaps the most influential choice of our lives. Life at Polestar is designed to be conducive to spiritual practice, to developing deep friendships with others, and to finding a balanced way of living. The members of the community strive to make time for meditation, laughter, service, recreation, and thoughtful talks with friends, old and new. Given the pace of modern life, it isn’t easy to sustain ones’ spiritual ideals, nor to make deep connections with others. Spiritual community is a potential solution for both of these difficulties.

Living in community, even for a short time, helps show us where our rough edges lie, so we can patiently smooth them and increase our capacity to live harmoniously with others. Kindness, compassion, awareness, sensitivity, authenticity, courage — the practice of these qualities in our daily lives is how each one of us grows.

Polestar: Spirit, Community, & Lifelong Learning

~ Spirit ~

The core group at Polestar begins each day with early morning yoga and meditation followed by dynamic activity — permaculture and organic gardening, construction, service projects for the larger community, vegetarian cooking, and many other areas of service.

Autobiography+of+a+YogiWe draw our inspiration from the life of Paramhansa Yogananda and the teachings of all true paths. Yoga, chanting and sacred music, and kriya yoga meditation are the foundations of our practice. We are all a work in progress and yet we share a sincere desire to deepen our spiritual lives. We strive to take our practices seriously and find joy in sharing our path with others.

~ Community ~

Selfless service (karma yoga) is Polestar’s community ideal. Along with making a contribution to others’ lives, we aspire to relinquish attachment to the fruit of our actions. This is a lofty goal to say the least but many of our most cherished memories have come through volunteer work days and the practice of community service.smilingCarpenter

The magic of spiritual community is that it helps us keep the most important things in focus. If you hope to develop a consistent spiritual practice, there is no better way than to associate with others of the same intention. High minded company draws out and develops the highest in each of us.

The influence of spiritual community on our youth is particularly profound. Children that grow up amidst deep friendships, respect, and spiritual aspiration can see those possibilities for themselves. The friendships born in community offer a great treasure and an abiding influence on each of us.

Dana on the mural scaffolding in Hawaii

~ Lifelong Learning ~

Each of us has unique knowledge to share and lessons to learn in our time here. Daily life, if we are open to it, offers a continuous flow of educational opportunities! Through creative service, spiritual practice, classes, meals, music and play, and through the deep relationships developed through all of these, we expand our knowledge and wisdom.ladies Dining

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