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VISION QUEST 2016 Recalibrating Passion and Purpose

 January 16-22   2016

VISIONING, Rejuvenation and Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii

DREAM BIG ~ for yourself and for the world!

Take time this year to recalibrate and CREATE a powerful blueprint of success and JOY in 2015!  In the fresh field of the New Year discover the synergy between what the world needs and what you are here to give.  Journey from scattered desires to focused vision.  Remember the reason you came and crystallize your next step.

Our work uses creativity to delve and explore the messages of our soul and to bring forth the shining currents of our Dharma and destiny.  Our  journey of creative exploration takes us deep in the life of the soul, restoring connection to what has heart and meaning in our lives and bringing our life purpose into clear focus.  Our process culminates in a creative ‘Rite of Passage’ that claims the blossoming of your talents and abilities.

Dana has distilled a simple yet profound process to widen the aperture of inspiration and revelation. Using “right brain” modalities – visual, kinesthetic, symbolic, and intuitive – she helps us activate capacities that reach beyond the parameters of ordinary awareness.  She teaches us to access – and transform – our future.


  • Quickly access peak states of high vibration inspiration, soul intuition and creative flow.

  • Discern the difference between frivolous desires and deep soul callings, between subconscious patterns and super-conscious insights. Relinquish what no longer has heart and meaning for you so that you can direct your passion to what is essential.

  • Come to the center of yourself and align your life to the Divine blueprint of your Dharma and Destiny.  Synergize mind, body, heart, soul and spirit in service to your highest calling.

  • Activate multiple modes of intelligence to access the template of your future- now shining in the shimmering field of pure potential

  • Magnetize your VISION and make it REAL in 2015!

This inner odyssey takes place in a magic land of primordial power and pure Prana.  On the Big Island of Hawaii you will feel the rejuvenating energy of clean air and water, fresh vitalizing food, and the shakti of the fiery earth in formation.  As you melt into the astral beauty of sea and sky, you will absorb the raw power of LIFE- allowing it to replenish you in body, mind and Spirit.

We are also held within the context of a thriving spiritual community. Polestar ( models the strength of cooperative living and a life of ‘simple living, high thinking’.

Daily guided yoga and meditation + creative play and inner work + time in nature + deep relaxation and adventure + the support of a living community….a profound and unforgettable journey!

Don’t miss these five extraordinary days of VISIONING, Rejuvenation and Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii

Facilitated by Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana Lynne Andersen is the director of the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness inDana-Lynn-Andersen Italy and the founder of Awakening Arts an international network of artists committed to the creation of art that is inspiring and transformative.

Dana has helped hundreds to connect deeply with the inner life and to unleash the vibrant creativity that springs from the Soul. She is known as a loving and inspiring teacher with a unique ability to midwife the soul’s journey, elucidating the nascent energies and visions that actuate our true callings.

Dana is a multi-media artist, writer, playwright and teacher, with a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University. Acclaimed for her pioneering use of art and creativity as vehicles for shifting consciousness, she has taught and exhibited on three continents. As a painter she creates art of astonishing beauty that uplifts the consciousness of the viewer. As a teacher she taps the power of art and creativity to awaken full spectrum knowing and being.

A leading expert in the field, Dana has worked with hundreds of students throughout the world to awaken the innate genius of our native imagination and creativity. At the opening of her exhibition at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, president Robert McDermott described her as a “Vesuvius’ of Creativity” and spoke of the importance of her work as a visionary for the consciousness community.  She was artist in residence at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is one of their founding ‘luminaries’. Her artwork has been featured on the covers of books and journals internationally, and she has been interviewed for numerous television and news media.

MacKenzie State Park: Meditation on the Bluffs

Absorbed in deep meditation, one may not even flinch as giant waves crash against the cliffside at MacKenzie State Park, on the East side of the Island.

Tropical Exotics: Dragonfruit

Sample delicious, fresh produce; tastes and textures you may never have tried! In addition to the exotic fruits you can sample from local farmer’s markets, your meals at Polestar are prepared fresh and with the finest ingredients. We’ve received many, many compliments to our cooking over the years. We readily draw on the organic produce grown right on our land. Farm-fresh gourmet salad greens, kales, chards, tomatoes, apple bananas, and huge avocados, – harvested daily – compliment our supply of the rarer bright-yellow abius, and custard-like rollinias. Meals at Polestar are Vegetarian and we strive to use all organic ingredients in our menus.

Daily Yoga and Meditation

Drink from the healing waters of your own soul with daily meditation and gentle, restorative yoga.


Fresh, local, organic. Oh my.

Relish our fresh, local, organic ingredients in each tasty meal while staying on-site at Polestar Gardens.

Fresh, local, Organic

Kalapana: Madame Pele

With respect for her amazing, life and death-giving power, its always good to offer goddess Pele some kind of gift, macana, or offering.

Touch the lava

Feel the creative fire of our Mother. Hold witness to your own potential, your own power, through ceremony on the freshly hot rocks.

Lava silluette