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MacKenzie State Park: Meditation on the Bluffs

Absorbed in deep meditation, one may not even flinch as giant waves crash against the cliffside at MacKenzie State Park, on the East side of the Island.

Pele, Goddess of Fire

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to the world’s longest-erupting volcano.

Pele, the fiery volcano goddess, akin to Kali from East-Indian religious tradition, is truly the ruler of Hawaii’s largest island. If possible, we will bring our blank masks to where the lava flows, infusing them with the fiery power of creation.

To see molten lava in person is one of the most dynamic experiences one can have while visiting. However, Pele doesn’t show herself to everyone. She sometimes hides her fiery flows high up on the mountain, making it impossible to see her live, in person. Boiling to the surface at her current main vent, Pu’u O’o, however, she often flows through underground lava tubes, resurfacing in places that are accessible. Seeing her majestic, raw beauty, and witnessing the power of Mother Nature as she simultaneously creates and destroys is an awe-inspiring experience.

Molten lava

Tropical Exotics: Dragonfruit

Sample delicious, fresh produce; tastes and textures you may never have tried! In addition to the exotic fruits you can sample from local farmer’s markets, your meals at Polestar are prepared fresh and with the finest ingredients. We’ve received many, many compliments to our cooking over the years. We readily draw on the organic produce grown right on our land. Farm-fresh gourmet salad greens, kales, chards, tomatoes, apple bananas, and huge avocados, – harvested daily – compliment our supply of the rarer bright-yellow abius, and custard-like rollinias. Meals at Polestar are Vegetarian and we strive to use all organic ingredients in our menus.

Daily Yoga and Meditation

Drink from the healing waters of your own soul with daily meditation and gentle, restorative yoga.


Fresh, local, organic. Oh my.

Relish our fresh, local, organic ingredients in each tasty meal while staying on-site at Polestar Gardens.

Fresh, local, Organic

Kalapana: Madame Pele

With respect for her amazing, life and death-giving power, its always good to offer goddess Pele some kind of gift, macana, or offering.

Touch the lava

Feel the creative fire of our Mother. Hold witness to your own potential, your own power, through ceremony on the freshly hot rocks.

Lava silluette