An Inner Odyssey at the Heart of the Pacific

About Dana


Dana Lynne Andersen has helped hundreds to connect deeply with the inner life and to unleash the vibrant creativity that springs from the Soul. She is known as a loving and inspiring teacher with a unique ability to midwife the soul’s journey.

Dana is a multi-media artist, writer, playwright and teacher, with a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University. Acclaimed for her pioneering use of art and creativity as vehicles for shifting consciousness, she has taught and exhibited on three continents. As a painter she creates art of astonishing beauty that uplifts the consciousness of the viewer. As a teacher she taAcademyGlowps the power of art and creativity to awaken full spectrum knowing and being.


Dana Lynne Andersen is the director of the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness – with branches Circle Gathering at the Academyin Italy and America.

A leading expert in the field, Dana has worked with hundreds of students throughout the world to awaken the innate genius of our native imagination and creativity.

At the opening of her exhibition at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, president Robert McDermott described her as a “Vesuvius’ of Creativity” and spoke of the importance of her work as a visionary for the consciousness community.

She was artist in residence at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is one of their founding ‘luminaries’. Her artwork has been featured on the covers of books and journals internationally, and she has been interviewed for numerous television and news media.

Listen to a talk “Imagineering the Future“- Dana is interviewed at the Institute of Noetic Sciences



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